World Issues

I have seen poverty in africa, and wealth in australia and america. I have seen a poor man beg on the streets. I have been approached by a woman on the streets of India who asked me for money and i could see she was ashamed to ask, i could feel that she wasn’t a seasoned begger. She once had, now she didn’t and was in need. She was in her early 20′s or so, beautiful. I knocked her back for no reason much besides lack of compassion. But that one moment did play on my conscience. An incling to show concern and act on it could have saved her from going to the next level and likely end up in a brothel or abused by the thugs on streets, at least for a while, who knows.


The things we see and do are indeed many in our life time. The things we do out of good conscience are only simple if we are on the outside looking in, in other words, have no personal connection to those caught in the issue.

A person who can act out of good conscience and stay committed to that ideal, without compromise, would be someone to truly admire. Surely most of our heroes are men and women who have fought for the right of a culture or people that they were a part of and so passionate about, that it lead them to do acts that few were willing or capable to make. Only those with radical desires or passion have the power to make changes.
The problem with the society today, is that it’s so open, so international and so complicated, our passion for justice fits into generic worldwide categories that seem to big to counter for a typical person, for example, human trafficking, child abuse, terrorists, domestic violence etc, it crosses borders and countries, so we make groups and organisations to counter it, which require money to run and salaries of employees to maintain just a small area of injustice. We need to be able to fuel justice without money, it’s got to come from each individual community, it would stem from strong-willed people standing up for weak and vulnerable, to share what they have so the poor don’t get lead to acts of crime.

Humanity has missed something. We are trying to maintain order and fairness in a world where selfishness and greed drive most acts of injustice. We live in a society where legally a person cannot be judged as guilty until they have been caught in the act by an authoritative power. The authoritative power needs to come from within the community, from those that can see it happening behind closed doors everyday.

Another problem with humanity is that once someone has power over people and resource, they are susceptible to bribes, double standards and greed. No-one is righteous. We only have a chance if those in power are surrounded by those who are strong enough and willing to fight for all types of people, to influence the decision maker to make better decisions for the communities he can affect

house by river, kenya

Repetition makes the world go round

Just thinking about the what makes up my life and that of so many others. repetitious behaviour.

We all have our lifestyles. They may be different, but the base of most of our lives is a habit, action or behaviour, which we develop in order to maintain the lifestyle we think we deserve or are expected to live, in the society in which we live.

In the west we have our weekly jobs, if you’re driven to achieve you will continue to do so, and may find contentment with a stable wage.

When you think about it, the whole world runs in cycles, a pattern of behaviour which keeps on turning, spinning in a big loop.

The earth moves and so does the weather, it moves the same way it always has, but it brings changes during each cycle.

We see things change, but the things that have brought the change have always been there but just not always visible.

so don’t worry about things being the same, change will come eventually and your behaviour may change with it and you may not even notice it.

Domestic Violence – Melbourne

I’ve seen a little on this subject occur in my family, just want to clarify some points in general and some police insight, relating to melbourne law, i just want to clarify some things for those going through a violent/emotional time with their partners/friends/family. Whenever you are a victim of violence, especially from someone you love it is always hard to report it or show others what you are going through. You are facing embarassment, confusion, shock, sadness, fear amongst other emotional feelings.

Once you make the choice to get out of the situation theses are some hints to help you get out:

– tell someone you can trust, you’ll need a friend to help you through it.
– if you have been beaten where bruising/noticeable injury occurs(use a mirror), take pictures of bruises and get a friend to witness them and make sure they know they will be witnesses, if court hearings take place.
– Best case is the Police can kick out the violent person in the home straight away, if the event is obvious. When you call 000, the police will witness the scene you are in and if you are a victim of violence, they will see it and they can take the violent person away from the house straight away. The main thing is that you report the problem and file an Intervention Order against the violent person.

the limitations:

– if you call 000 and leave the house after the violent act, and don’t return, nothing will happen when the police turn up to the
– after you call 000 and leave the place where the violent person is, make sure you stay around the area and return to the area when
police arrive to give your statement of evets and hopefully an intervention order can be placed that day and the violent person is
kicked out of the house, then if the violent person returns, call the police and they can arrest them.
-if the violent person leaves you in the house alone, you can call 000 and report you need help and hopefully you can place an
intervention order against the violent person.
– the day this occurs either have a friend stay with you or go to their home, somewhere you can feel safe.

the faults in melbourne law:

– if there are no witnesses to an event, and its your word against theirs, with no physical evidence(photos, witnesses, injuries), its
likely nothing will happen except you both waste of money on lawyers
-A person can be a victim of violence forever, if they don’t report it. Even if a person noticeably beats another, if they don’t report it, nothing can change. Victim is caught in a cycle of trauma.
-A victim who thinks they love the offender will be a punching bag until a friend steps in to encourage them out of it or until they die from a beatings..

the best evidence you can have:

-A witness of a violent event
-photo’s/video of a violent event.(not entirely sure about this, another catch is its illegal to film a person unknowingly wthout
their consent, even if you film someone beating another, it could be dismissed in court based solely on this one ‘privacy law’, its another story if its a public security camera possibly.)
– a confession
-keep a record of threats voiced to you and especially if its written/emailed to you.

These are some points for you to start with if you know someone caught in a DV situation.
Lawyers you will want to see:
Family lawyers.
how to find:
A good website is run by australian government:
you are entitled to a free 30 min session with any lawyers on that site to get a quote for your situation.

Lifestyles: Our way

We live our lives our way, The way we have seen others live, the way we were taught to live, the way we think we should live, but toward what purpose or reasoning are we living for, now relax i’m not trying to point you toward a belief, i’m just exploring the idea of living.

Consider a full time worker, they learn skills to acheive the goals of their daily job requirements. they use those skills everyday, they work the same time everyday, they use a certain amount of strength each day, it’s just becomes natural as long as routines aren’t too stretched, their bodies get in the habit of working a certain way.

Now if that full time worker was placed in a environment that he couldn’t measure, that had a risk of loss if the wrong decision was made, it will demand a new kind of strength to take him through the environment. This hidden strength is what a majority of us never use or find out too late that we have it. Conflict can bring it out, but we like it to be the same as we have known it to be before. We like complacency because it makes us feel safe and controlled. I feel we need to be shaken before our world falls apart. We need to find conflicts where others are suffering and fight for them if we don’t have something to fight for ourselves. If we got no fight in us, we’re dead already. Don’t be a dead human in this society, they are too many, you have everything you need to start impacting life of those around us for the better, now find a reason to fight.

To quote from the movie Suckerpunch “You have all the weapons you need, now fight”