holding on

You can be part of something for a long time. It could be a group or place. You know everyone, sort of, you can be part of anything to do with the group and people won’t think it unusal. They think they know you, well maybe the you that you show them, the you that doesn’t challenge the ideals of the group. The you that conforms, the you they can predict. The problem with humanity is that when you go to a place, the environment determines your behaviour, or it plays a major part. If you have been in a place where you haven’t fully expressed yourself and feel safe to do so at anytime, then you create a kind of bubble around you, which compartmentalised your true thoughts and feelings, which stay on the inside of the bubble and the persona which allows you to adapt easily to the community/group you are a part of is on the outer.

If you get what I’m trying to say, you are most likely a timid natured person, but secretly you desire a fight, a reason to use your strength, but also a fear you will be overwhelmed if you face up to the harsh truths of reality.

We’ve been living in a predictable reality so long, we don’t think of living as living, rather living is just a routine of our own repetitive actions which help us to be accepted by those we have around us.

Why hold on to the structure of groups that repress our emotions and encourage us to stand back, instead of allowing us to be who we really need to be.

Who do you need to be?

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