Lifestyles: Our way

We live our lives our way, The way we have seen others live, the way we were taught to live, the way we think we should live, but toward what purpose or reasoning are we living for, now relax i’m not trying to point you toward a belief, i’m just exploring the idea of living.

Consider a full time worker, they learn skills to acheive the goals of their daily job requirements. they use those skills everyday, they work the same time everyday, they use a certain amount of strength each day, it’s just becomes natural as long as routines aren’t too stretched, their bodies get in the habit of working a certain way.

Now if that full time worker was placed in a environment that he couldn’t measure, that had a risk of loss if the wrong decision was made, it will demand a new kind of strength to take him through the environment. This hidden strength is what a majority of us never use or find out too late that we have it. Conflict can bring it out, but we like it to be the same as we have known it to be before. We like complacency because it makes us feel safe and controlled. I feel we need to be shaken before our world falls apart. We need to find conflicts where others are suffering and fight for them if we don’t have something to fight for ourselves. If we got no fight in us, we’re dead already. Don’t be a dead human in this society, they are too many, you have everything you need to start impacting life of those around us for the better, now find a reason to fight.

To quote from the movie Suckerpunch “You have all the weapons you need, now fight”


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