Repetition makes the world go round

Just thinking about the what makes up my life and that of so many others. repetitious behaviour.

We all have our lifestyles. They may be different, but the base of most of our lives is a habit, action or behaviour, which we develop in order to maintain the lifestyle we think we deserve or are expected to live, in the society in which we live.

In the west we have our weekly jobs, if you’re driven to achieve you will continue to do so, and may find contentment with a stable wage.

When you think about it, the whole world runs in cycles, a pattern of behaviour which keeps on turning, spinning in a big loop.

The earth moves and so does the weather, it moves the same way it always has, but it brings changes during each cycle.

We see things change, but the things that have brought the change have always been there but just not always visible.

so don’t worry about things being the same, change will come eventually and your behaviour may change with it and you may not even notice it.

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