true origins

just think of your computer, all the hardware is made in china or a dev country. you support slave labour by ‘keeping modern’. they work harder then you ever have for less then they need to live comfortably. but the human condition adapts to all environments so we get used to injustice if its too hard to change and you dont want to die. once the western ‘righteous injustice’ mindset sets in you might say you care about slave labor, but if you live in the rich english society you are ignorant of your comforts origin, which is from the exploitation in others overseas you don’t see and who aren’t educated. the only way to change the world is to change your desires and suffer with putting up with not getting what you want or what you think you deserve. who in our society can do that?

holding on

You can be part of something for a long time. It could be a group or place. You know everyone, sort of, you can be part of anything to do with the group and people won’t think it unusal. They think they know you, well maybe the you that you show them, the you that doesn’t challenge the ideals of the group. The you that conforms, the you they can predict. The problem with humanity is that when you go to a place, the environment determines your behaviour, or it plays a major part. If you have been in a place where you haven’t fully expressed yourself and feel safe to do so at anytime, then you create a kind of bubble around you, which compartmentalised your true thoughts and feelings, which stay on the inside of the bubble and the persona which allows you to adapt easily to the community/group you are a part of is on the outer.

If you get what I’m trying to say, you are most likely a timid natured person, but secretly you desire a fight, a reason to use your strength, but also a fear you will be overwhelmed if you face up to the harsh truths of reality.

We’ve been living in a predictable reality so long, we don’t think of living as living, rather living is just a routine of our own repetitive actions which help us to be accepted by those we have around us.

Why hold on to the structure of groups that repress our emotions and encourage us to stand back, instead of allowing us to be who we really need to be.

Who do you need to be?

finding a value that lasts

As humans, we live and die, but we rarely think about death, some die for something, some by choice, some by accidents, some for nothing. The end of our time is a question we don’t know how to face. The end of what we know could be today, where our eyes close involuntarily for the last time. Who can know for sure what happens next. All we see is darkness when we close our eyes, so we think that is all there is.
Maybe this could be a reason our world is so vain?
One part of the world is peaceful, people eat and drink. The other part they are fighting to live thru a day.
The rich waste their life away on decadent lifestyles, buying things they don’t need and getting caught in addictions.
The poor die early and suffer under a society that is kept stagnate by powerful people who gain more and live longer thru exploitative means.

we need to deal with the way we value our own souls. We too easily accept judgements others put upon us like a sponge takes in water. We’ve got to have an identity that’s bigger then what our environment dictates to us. We need to find strength in places we have neglected during the rash development of our lives.

it is.

The start of this little journey has begun. I have thought about things my whole life, i have thought about alot of things and actually never done them before. I am Human. Now that i’ve got that out the way.

I cooked last night. It’s a good thing to cook. It not only boosts morale, but it makes you eat more healthy, for those that care. I cooked pasta bake with tuna, corn and mushroom sauce which had a best before date of april 2010. Shows how often i have cooked..

I will likely mix meaningful thought with randomness. I may offend occasionally and give a sense of confusion at times. I am just a man thinking things through on a public blog. Take of it what you will.