Creating space for love

It’s possible there’s more love around us then we are aware; it’s possible we can’t see it simply because there is no space in our lives to take time to see it, let alone, embrace it or express it.

I had this thought while driving and listening to Bon Iver, it’s such good reflection music. All i want to say is that it’s possible that we can feel love for someone or something, yet never express it, as our default perception seems to be love will find us or follow us.

We at least hope it does. It’s possible this leads us to neglect our responsibility, sometimes we may need to create space in our lives to love anything we feel/think/know we should. The greater regret would be never expressing it, as it would mean those you love don’t know it for sure and you are withholding a gift in your heart that was always meant to be given away.

If you hold onto it because of a fear or procrastination it’s likely to have a numbing effect upon you, unless by some miracle, circumstances emerge which lead you to express it, some might call it a kind of destiny when that happens.

The difference between what we know and what we think can be quite a hard thing to determine, it requires you to be discerning, weighing up the risks involved. If it’s a persistant feeling over time, it’s likely to be something good. Most of the time being rash and going in for the save, out of shear desperation if it’s a new feeling isn’t the wisest decision, yet sometimes it’s the only feeling that will inspire you to be courageous and share it.

I am speaking well out of my depth with this one(ha pretty much like everything else i write about). I don’t really want to post this because of a fear, but i think i should give this away, as it’s probably good to share.

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