Tears fall..

Humanity is amazing, we are all capable of the same emotions, yet dependant on the social environment around us, it can determine how we express them, if we do at all. When you see someone weeping, crying and appearing inconsolable, it can make us feel uncomfortable. This is natural as none of us wants to experience loss or suffering, but life can bring about both of them, we never feel ready for it when it comes.

Human emotions can appear to be scary at times, they can be nerve-racking, even alien, even animal like to an observer. It is tempting to steer clear of such expressions. We should be mindful that when our hearts meet the loss of something we deemed important and loved, we cannot explain how our hearts will respond. The australian culture tends to reserve their emotions, as if they are a secret shame, a sign of weakness, an attribute of those who aren’t so lucky.

I think that is a big sham. When we withhold our emotions we lock something that was not intended to be locked. If you locked a person in a small room for a long time they will go crazy with fear or loneliness, in order to survive they may try to numb their feelings and just try to hold on until the lock is removed. This is what we experience when we lock our hearts away, it keeps it from expressing its true emotions, making it bitter and discompassionate.

I think it’s best to let us be free and let judgement fall to the wayside and to be overshadowed by a spirit of understanding and compassion. Let the tears fall.

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