Short on words

This will be an ongoing collection of my thoughts in short form. Either quotes or short writings about life for you to peruse

Don’t just follow the train of people, merely because they are in front of you. Find your own path instead.Our hope can often be hampered by our view of things around us. The closer our environment, the more overwhelming it can become, yet from a far it can look like a wonderland.

Humanity is just a great big kid who keeps repeating the same mistakes in an attempt to get what they think they want, but who really don’t know what is best for themselves.

Release yourself to change

If your dreams seem undefined, it may be you don’t know who you really are or who you’ve become. The social groups we are surrounded by shape us, either with or without our consent, maybe you’ve been in your social group for so long you no longer know what other things you are capable of or are able to become. Be open to release yourself to change, maybe you might find something new.

See one another

We people wake up to the same morning, we see the same day, we see the same light spread across the land. We also see the same night over take the sky, but we still can see glimmers of light amongst the darkness.

Let us also see this in each other, when the day changes in our souls from light to darkness, help us see the change in each other. Help us see that when it is dark, there is still some light shining, even behind those temporary clouds of despair.

Let us see the stars in our hearts amid the darkness are actually fragments of love which are placed there by those spread around us, who love us, who want to guide us & help us through the night. Also to remember that when it is day in our hearts, we do not hide from each other, let us embrace & accept each other, as life is easily wasted on grudges, judgement & bitterness. Wake up oh sleepers.