Community Building Ideas

Goal: to establish an event in local communities that encourages a positive and openly accepting community, that aims to make our neighbours in the community feel valued by their neighbours, thus improving the quality of life for all in the community and reduce risk of negative influences such as depression and suicide as well as many other issues.

Focus points:

  • To challenge todays society to be inviting to a stranger, rather than judge a stranger according to society fused fears and stereotypes.
  • Create environments that encourage community members to mingle and converse in a natural setting
  • Talk about issues in the community that need to be talked about, and encourage community member to continue the conversation
  • Host events that people can enjoy but have no obligation to be part of
  • Develop a flexible team that can host the events in public spaces, but ensure teams are not running things consecutively, to reduce risk of stress on the volunteer

First event idea:

Go to a local park and have an acoustic band play while the community come and enjoy snacks and drinks, and have a community speaker talk about an issue in the community. The challenge here is to create a space while the band is playing that encourages the community to turn to each other, for ideas and conversations.
Contact me using the form below if you’re interested in being involved in making this idea come to life.

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