Perception and Introspection

How we view things and anything in life is so various and multifaceted.  Our perception of everything around us is dependant upon many things and experiences such as our location, where we are placed, where we sit, where we walk and who we interact with, just to name a few.

I have found my perception of simply walking to something and returning back to where I began leads me to alter my perception each time, I always look for the better route, and each way provides a different view and reveals new paths I previously ignored or missed, all because what I view is forming a new perception of life in my mind, on the fly.

I’m not sure if everyone does that or just me, I’m sure some prefer an habitual path as it’s predictable and feels more comfortable. I do this also, mainly with driving to regular places such as work, as I feel it’s a waste of time choosing other paths to travel when you already know the best path to take, unless something goes wrong, then you need to find a new path on the fly and this can often mean finding new experiences.

The point I’m trying to make is that our perception of life is quite fickle and dependant upon so many factors, influences and environments, but I think there is an underlying motive that drives all that we do and it’s to do with our hearts. What is really fueling you inside? what desires are influencing your daily decisions, sometimes even subconsciously. It could be a desire for a partner, or maybe it’s a conflict that you haven’t resolved with an important person in your life, or maybe it’s battling with grief and not being able to process it or understand it, or you could be so happy that you don’t want anything to change you just want to embrace all that you have and value right now and just want the time to share with those people and things you care for. These are just some things you could be dealing with in your heart.

It’s called introspection, which in my words is the process of analyzing your own heart for issues that are dominant in your mind, to establish what you really need to deal with, and once you do, then see how it affects your perception of life, if it does at all(this isn’t easy and takes time, so don’t try to rush things). I speak of this as we tend to numb our emotions and feelings for our lives and those around us when we are confused or just don’t know what we are feeling. So if we don’t deal with ourselves, it’s highly unlikely others will be able to help us, but remember Support is important, you can’t solve all your problems, some things in life require at least one other trustworthy person who can listen to you and give an alternative view on your own perception of things. So to end this post, your perception of life is not the ultimate truth and we should be careful with how we pass our perceptions on to others and not judge other’s views too harshly, after all we are all vessels of life with our own imperfections. I figure we can either begin to accept those people in our lives or we can judge them and keep our journey’s solitary and depressing. Lets not do the latter, we should stop wasting time in bitterness, anger and confusion because it serves no purpose besides uphold your perception of life high above that of any others and it can burden the people around you, so i suggest one way to combat this is to take time to question how we value our own perception of life and ask ourselves; am I really restricted to this one way of thinking and viewing life? you certainly are not. We were made to create and explore life, not be puppets for it.


Domestic Violence – Melbourne

I’ve seen a little on this subject occur in my family, just want to clarify some points in general and some police insight, relating to melbourne law, i just want to clarify some things for those going through a violent/emotional time with their partners/friends/family. Whenever you are a victim of violence, especially from someone you love it is always hard to report it or show others what you are going through. You are facing embarassment, confusion, shock, sadness, fear amongst other emotional feelings.

Once you make the choice to get out of the situation theses are some hints to help you get out:

– tell someone you can trust, you’ll need a friend to help you through it.
– if you have been beaten where bruising/noticeable injury occurs(use a mirror), take pictures of bruises and get a friend to witness them and make sure they know they will be witnesses, if court hearings take place.
– Best case is the Police can kick out the violent person in the home straight away, if the event is obvious. When you call 000, the police will witness the scene you are in and if you are a victim of violence, they will see it and they can take the violent person away from the house straight away. The main thing is that you report the problem and file an Intervention Order against the violent person.

the limitations:

– if you call 000 and leave the house after the violent act, and don’t return, nothing will happen when the police turn up to the
– after you call 000 and leave the place where the violent person is, make sure you stay around the area and return to the area when
police arrive to give your statement of evets and hopefully an intervention order can be placed that day and the violent person is
kicked out of the house, then if the violent person returns, call the police and they can arrest them.
-if the violent person leaves you in the house alone, you can call 000 and report you need help and hopefully you can place an
intervention order against the violent person.
– the day this occurs either have a friend stay with you or go to their home, somewhere you can feel safe.

the faults in melbourne law:

– if there are no witnesses to an event, and its your word against theirs, with no physical evidence(photos, witnesses, injuries), its
likely nothing will happen except you both waste of money on lawyers
-A person can be a victim of violence forever, if they don’t report it. Even if a person noticeably beats another, if they don’t report it, nothing can change. Victim is caught in a cycle of trauma.
-A victim who thinks they love the offender will be a punching bag until a friend steps in to encourage them out of it or until they die from a beatings..

the best evidence you can have:

-A witness of a violent event
-photo’s/video of a violent event.(not entirely sure about this, another catch is its illegal to film a person unknowingly wthout
their consent, even if you film someone beating another, it could be dismissed in court based solely on this one ‘privacy law’, its another story if its a public security camera possibly.)
– a confession
-keep a record of threats voiced to you and especially if its written/emailed to you.

These are some points for you to start with if you know someone caught in a DV situation.
Lawyers you will want to see:
Family lawyers.
how to find:
A good website is run by australian government:
you are entitled to a free 30 min session with any lawyers on that site to get a quote for your situation.