Create and live

There’s a moment that passes
It’s a moment you owned
Looking back it could’ve lasted
So check the moment you are in
Dont let it be idle
Know that the moment you choose to take a risk is a moment lived.
Don’t waiver in confusion
Live like you are wild.
throw away assumptions
Cast afar your fears
Then watch your creativity emerge
As you find new places and make new friends.
Have honest conversations and discover who you really are. There’s no time for seclusion. Humans create the best moments together. Lets create a life of living moments because only we are alive. Don’t waste life on assumptions and fears, tear them out of you, it only takes a genuine desire to do so, a desire to tear out your old repetitive handiwork and discover the thrill of a blank canvas ready for a brave splash of new ink. Lets be creators. The world is in desperate need of them.

Routine life?

The thing about habit and routine is they breed complacency within us.  Before you know it life has passed you by and you may have forgot to live it. So Know your routine. Question what it is doing in your life and make your habits count for something, if you happen to find out they don’t count for much at all.                                       

Fragile humans

The fragility of humanity is like that of a feather in the wind. The naivety of the human mind is like the ocean, all consuming,  wide and deep, constant yet changing form with the seasons it is in. We are finite beings with power to create and destroy. Next time you feel something ask yourself; is your experience of the world the most important thing to consider or should you be one who creates experiences for the world you are part of, if so what kind of experiences would you create? After all, your point of view has an expiry date but the world will be there after your gone.

Accept and Create

Accept everything around you, let no sound or sight disturb you, embrace it without contempt, and most importantly accept all that you are in the body and heart, nothing more is needed of you than what resides in this moment, you can create whatever you like later on. Take care not to measure the value of who you are based solely on your ability to adapt to an expectation from the world around you or one that you may have even put on yourself, instead create a way to value who you are based upon what you genuinely desire to become.