a lonely explanation..

Loneliness is a possessive emotion, it thrives in the absence of felt love, even if that lonely person is surrounded by people that love them, if that love is never strategically expressed, meaningfully & on purpose in every day life, that love may never truly be felt, it may not be seen as a reality to that lonely person, because if that love is only expressed in times of distresses they likely will not believe it, in other words that love you think you have for them may fall on deaf ears, in the time of their need. Then you’ll regret it. So express love at any & everytime. Don’t wait until they’re broken until you express it.

Your Fear

For Each A Role.
Fear can be a form of protection. Which tells you to stay clear from things that may hurt you.
Or it can be a form of captivity, restricting your movement & thoughts, either way each fear we have has shaped who we are today. It may also be helpful to view our fears as having a role in finding our freedom and also that sometimes our roles may be found just behind our fears. So be open to change and to challenge yourself.
Free Expression Affects Reality.
Finding out what you fear is quite a challenge and that journey can reveal so much that you may struggle to persist exploring. Even so, I think the more we can express of our hearts, the more reality becomes changeable to us. Our fears can make us dreamers, instead of achievers of our desires. Thinking about doing great things is noble, just so long as it leads to action. We can easily choose to escape to our dreams, imagining that we have the strength, the courage and the will to do it, yet we grow complacent with our dreams and treat them as a form of escapism from reality, a dream with only good consequences and no sense of responsibility.
So inspire Action with your thoughts, don’t just dream. Work out your fears, as in doing so, you may work out important things about your identity & passions, which have been hidden in places you may be letting fear overwhelm & distort. Sometimes facing fear is the only way to begin to see things clearly. I’ve noticed that once a fear has been acknowledged and eventually overcome, which has influenced you a lot(in a captive sort of way), you sense a new confidence and understanding of yourself. So be brave.

this is the song that instigated my thoughts here:

being on the outside, if no one brings you in.

have you ever felt like you’re on the outside looking in?

where you are there in the room with others but you don’t feel like you fit in, like they don’t understand you? like you don’t feel like part of their culture but they act like everything is alright because they see you there ready to laugh at their jokes?

Well I’ve felt that way and I think honestly it’s myself who is causing this, but I don’t know why I choose to belittle myself in my own mind and choose to perceive things this way(may be a negative  emotional response I developed in childhood I’m yet to unlearn perhaps?). My perception is that they don’t have time for me, that my words will be superficial and lead to more superficial chat of which I struggle to act interested in. I feel we are not interested enough in other people unless it serves our personal desire/motives to do so. Example: Why do we walk by a person in need in the streets? the main reasons are that we don’t want to mess up our life routine or be inconvenienced with a person with needs when we feel our needs are barely being met(mainly emotionally). Our selfishness isolates us, but it’s hard to break the cycle of selfishness unless you have someone willing to help you break those boundaries and not judge you harshly when you fail(this is someone acting compassionate toward you). If we experienced acts of Compassion like this from those around us more often(ie giving time to one another not just for fun, but for emotional support/exploration), we may break off those self-made chains of personal insecurity a lot easier and quickly, if only we dared pass on this kind of compassion on to one another and forget about personal inconvenience for a moment.