The soul leaves the body

Your bodily expressions are evidence of your soul.

When the soul leaves the body it takes your eyes, voice, touch & hearing. The thing that fades away & will not leave this earth is your body, which becomes dirt once the soul is gone. So if you aren’t happy about your body remember it’s only temporary, its fragile & is not the part of you that is meant to last. This body we have is a gift, our time to live in it is running out, so respect it, but remember your soul is the lasting part of you. So work on building that part of you into something special, perhaps even ask God if he is there & if he knows your soul..
If this soul, this consciousness within you is destined to leave the body, perhaps we should take more notice of what things it cares about, as our bodies only care about finite things but the soul seeks eternal things. It also begs the question, that the things we do in this life may count for more then what we think it does at times.

finding a value that lasts

As humans, we live and die, but we rarely think about death, some die for something, some by choice, some by accidents, some for nothing. The end of our time is a question we don’t know how to face. The end of what we know could be today, where our eyes close involuntarily for the last time. Who can know for sure what happens next. All we see is darkness when we close our eyes, so we think that is all there is.
Maybe this could be a reason our world is so vain?
One part of the world is peaceful, people eat and drink. The other part they are fighting to live thru a day.
The rich waste their life away on decadent lifestyles, buying things they don’t need and getting caught in addictions.
The poor die early and suffer under a society that is kept stagnate by powerful people who gain more and live longer thru exploitative means.

we need to deal with the way we value our own souls. We too easily accept judgements others put upon us like a sponge takes in water. We’ve got to have an identity that’s bigger then what our environment dictates to us. We need to find strength in places we have neglected during the rash development of our lives.