human interaction

Human interaction is a fickle thing, imagine standing in a room with strangers. why is it you can get along with someone in just a few minutes, yet others you talk to aren’t as tolerable for you or toward you and you just don’t seem to connect with.

Sure social skills play a part in how well you get along with people in general, but i’ve found there are people i can connect with and get energy from and others it’s much harder to trust. This feeling of trust is weird as it occurs when they are talking with you and its like they just seem to click with your thoughts and say what you’re thinking, making you feel good and this lets you enjoy the commonality of feeling understood, even if just for a brief moment. i just don’t know how humans work.




The soul leaves the body

Your bodily expressions are evidence of your soul.

When the soul leaves the body it takes your eyes, voice, touch & hearing. The thing that fades away & will not leave this earth is your body, which becomes dirt once the soul is gone. So if you aren’t happy about your body remember it’s only temporary, its fragile & is not the part of you that is meant to last. This body we have is a gift, our time to live in it is running out, so respect it, but remember your soul is the lasting part of you. So work on building that part of you into something special, perhaps even ask God if he is there & if he knows your soul..
If this soul, this consciousness within you is destined to leave the body, perhaps we should take more notice of what things it cares about, as our bodies only care about finite things but the soul seeks eternal things. It also begs the question, that the things we do in this life may count for more then what we think it does at times.